1. New work for Scientific American for an article on mankind’s inherent fear of new technology. Many thanks to AD Bernard Lee for the call!

  2. torbooks:

    (via Doppel by Lindsay Smith | Tor.com)

    Told in a series of espionage transmissions, “Doppel” is the story of a British agent in occupied France. When he meets a charismatic SS officer who seems to be guarding a great and powerful secret, he must decide whether to abandon his mission and discover what the Nazi is planning. But the truth might be darker and more dangerous than anything the British—or the Germans—can imagine.

  3. Just found out that my cover for Simon Ings’ novel “Wolves” was selected for American Illustration 33!

  4. I’m very excited to announce that these three pieces were accepted into Spectrum 21! Can’t wait to see the book in November!

    (Source: jeffreyalanlove.com)

  5. "The Dragon at World’s End"

    Limited edition poster for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Get one at http://store.bethsoft.com/catalog/product/view/id/6635/s/the-dragon-at-worlds-end-giclee/

  6. New work for Tor.com for the short story “Doppel” by Lindsay Smith. It was a pleasure to work with Irene Gallo on this.

  7. For Sale “Future Generations” Oil on panel, 9” x 12”. Email if interested: jeff@jeffreyalanlove.com

  8. "Hot Head" by Simon Ings featuring my cover is published today by Gollancz - Happy Release Day Simon!

  9. "All They Ever Wanted Was A Miracle"

    Written & Illustrated By Jeffrey Alan Love

    Afterwards, they sat outside and watched the rain.
    “You didn’t go in either,” said Mulhane.
    “What?” Lang had dozed off.
    “You didn’t go in, so don’t be giving me any grief. You and me, we’re in the same boat. And you,” Mulhane said, turning to the guide, “you just sit over there and don’t say another damn word. One more pip from you about zones and hope and miracles, I swear I’ll crack you.”
    The guide didn’t say anything. He just stared at the bomb that was nestled at Mulhane’s feet.
    “We’re all in the same boat,” muttered Mulhane, as they sat and watched the rain.

    Three days ago they had started out from the dingy little mining town where they had hired the guide. They had gone further up into the mountains, sneaky-peteing past the patrols and sticking under the tree line to avoid any spotter planes. They didn’t sleep at night, but kept moving.

    “What do you think it really was?” asked Mulhane.
    “What?” said Lang.
    “The room, the Room, what do you think it really was?” He was fiddling with a blade of grass that he’d uprooted.
    “Jesus Christ, I don’t know. We didn’t…” Lang stopped. “I just wish this lousy rain would let up.”
    Mulhane was shredding the grass into bits. “Do you think it’s causing the rain? Keeping us here?”
    “Keeping us – Mulhane, you want to go back down there and blow it up, go ahead. I’ll stay up here with Wilson –“
    “Watson,” said the guide.
    “—Watson here until you get back. Whatever you’re thinking I don’t want any part of it. Okay?”
    “I just want to get off this damn mountain,” said Mulhane.

    They had been prepared for everything, except the quiet. There weren’t skeletons tossed around in the tall grass, or even birds wheeling about in the sky. Just a pervasive quiet. The only sound was their boots upon the loose scree as they made their way down into the valley. They could see it already, a small gathering of crumbled down huts and houses, except for one on the eastern edge that looked intact. It didn’t seem like much – a one-story, whitewashed building.
    When they were within twenty-five feet of it they stopped. It was too quiet.

    “I’m going to go blow the damn thing up,” said Mulhane, easing himself to his feet. He scooped up the parcel and stretched. “You coming?”
    Lang shook his head. Watson just stared at the ground. Mulhane turned and walked out into the rain, back the way they had come. It looked like it would never quit raining.


  10. I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and am reposting here - I wish I had time to reply individually to everyone who is contacting me for advice, but I don’t, so this post hopefully will suffice. I generally dislike “one size fits all” advice, but I need to devote my time to my work. Thanks for understanding.

    "I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of people who are contacting me asking for advice/contacts/secrets to success so instead of writing back to each one I’m going to post this here. There is no secret to any of this. Make great work, then show it to the right people. Repeat. Focus on making great work and the rest falls into place so much easier. Work hard for it. Put in the hours. Stop trying to find someone else’s way of succeeding, and trailblaze your own. Every day you have the opportunity to be exactly who you want to be. Are you honestly doing the work EVERY DAY? Get off the internet, stop watching netflix while you work, turn off your phone, and get to work. Find the strength to persevere within yourself - we are all much stronger than we think. Have faith, and commit to the long haul. It’s not easy, but it is a life worth living."